Obituary Information

obituary guidelines

Town Name- Can be place of death or place residence

Full Name of Deceased, Age, Where they passed away, and date including day of week, month, day, and year “with family by her/his side” or other description if desired.

Deceased was born- place of birth, date of birth, the son/daughter of (parents names including mother’s maiden in parenthesis). He/she attended _____ schools and graduated when and where and military service if applicable.

This paragraph can be used to detail deceased employments over the years, accomplishments, clubs they belonged to, church affiliations, etc.

This paragraph can be used to describe hobbies, relationships with family and friends, and qualities of the deceased.

He/ she was predeceased by….

The order suggested is parents, spouse or companion, children, grandchildren, siblings, sibling-in-law, special friend, pets.

He/ she is survived by….

The order suggested is parents, spouse, or companion, children and spouse or companion, grandchildren and their spouse or companion, siblings and spouse or companion, in laws, great grandchildren, nephews, nieces, cousins, special friends, and pets.

Service and burial information or private services.

The family would like to thank………

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in the deceased name to …..

Cremation arrangements are by Mid Maine Cremation Services 453-6006, this line added to provide phone number newspapers can use to verify death of the deceased.

Online Obituary Information Form