Services We Offer

Choosing the final disposition method for a loved one after their passing can be an emotional decision. There are many options to consider when deciding how to honor their life and preserve their memory as you begin your journey toward healing. While our sole focus is on cremation, we are happy to refer you to trusted providers if you are looking for additional options and expanded services.

Cremation Services

Mid Maine Cremation Services specializes in providing simple, economical cremations for those who are looking for a cost-effective alternative to a traditional funeral service or burial. There are a variety of reasons for choosing cremation, ranging from financial considerations to environmental concerns. Cremation offers a wide range of choice and allows families to customize their final disposition plans in countless unique ways. From preserving a loved one’s remains in a traditional urn at home, scattering ashes at sea, to planting a garden in their memory, cremation provides a lot of flexibility not available with a burial. Choosing cremation also allows a family more time to come together to make final plans and hold any memorial services or other events to celebrate their loved one’s life.

In addition to cremation services, we also have a variety of urns available to choose from. We are happy to show you the selections and help you pick an option that is right for you. Urns come in a variety of styles and personalization options to help you find the perfect keepsake to remember your loved one.

Although we do not offer any alternative services aside from basic cremations, we are happy to connect you with local partners in the area if you are looking for a more traditional burial or funeral service. Our experienced team is happy to speak with you regarding your options or to answer any questions you may have.